Here is how to be an Alano Club secretary because everyone needs a mentor:

  1. Go to the counter and get the coffee for your meeting.

    * If you are the secretary for the 6am meeting, your coffee will be in the Annex waiting for you.

    * If you are the secretary for the 9:30pm meeting, get the coffee from the counter person prior to the meeting. The 9:30pm meeting prepays for coffee.

  2. Normally a binder is available specifically for your meeting containing your meeting’s agreed upon format. Ask people to read “How It Works” and any other pieces your meeting has chosen prior to the start time of the meeting.
  3. After every meeting total the collected 7th tradition.
  4. Pay the counter person the meeting room rent which is ½ the total collected or a minimum of $5.
  5. The counter person will tell you how many pots of coffee your meeting used. Pay the counter person for the coffee.
  6. The balance goes towards your meeting’s prudent reserve so put the balance into the small, labeled plastic bag located at the counter.
  7. Fill out the label on the plastic bag with your meeting’s name, time, amount and put the labeled bag in the red metal box.

    * If you are the secretary for the midnight group or the 9:30pm meeting, the rent and prudent reserve monies are to be given to your group’s treasurer.

Each meeting maintains its own records. For instance the Nooner’s meeting uses lined envelopes for each day of the week as shown below. As secretary, you are responsible for filling out the information for your meeting only. Your meeting’s treasurer is responsible for duties beyond the individual meeting.