Service Opportunities

The Committee Chairpersons can always use help so if you are interested, please contact the Alano Club via email or phone and volunteer your time. I guarantee it is worth it.

Membership Committee

Chairperson — Steve A.

I am enthusiastic about the Alano Club and its purpose. My goal is to be a part of keeping it healthy so that it is there for the next suffering alcoholic. I am interested in knowing what the membership would like to see in the way of activities, meetings and fellowship. If you would like to be a part of this effort, contact me via the Club’s email.

Activities Committee

Chairperson — John W., Karen A.

Are you restless irritable and discontent? Are you having a hard time not being a GLUM LOT? Get out of yourself! Come help me give back to the club. Together we can show new members and oldtimers that we are NOT A GLUM LOT!! I need help planning and implementing new and fun activities for all of us to enjoy sobriety and life.

Gardening Committee

Chairperson — Roni U.

Do you have a passion for gardening or just some peaceful service work? If so then my committee is for you. If you would like to do some gardening, simply contact me and you can garden alone or with a group. We are particularly in need of someone who knows how to care for roses.

Newsletter Committee

Chairperson — Mike R., Sandy W.

Yardbird Committee

Chairperson — Mike L

All grounds and buildings need that extra touch to keep it clean. Sometimes we need the moss on the roof removed. People miss the cigarette butt containers around the building so they have to be picked up… with rubber gloves of course. Contact me and I will keep you posted on the current focus of the Yardbirds. You can serve this committee in a group or on your own as it is unstructured most of the time. It’s a great way to ease into the fellowship, so give a yell.

Facilities Committee

Chairperson — Lach F

If you are a contractor, plumber, painter, carpenter, building supplier, etc. and would like to donate time or materials as an opportunity to be of service to the club, please contact us.