Relationship between A.A. and the Club

The purpose of this letter is to explain to our groups that hold their meetings at the Club what our relationship is with your group, Alcoholics Anonymous and the community.

The Alano Club of the Eastside is not an A.A. Group. We are a Social Club incorporated in the State of Washington, as a 501-C3, (non-profit) corporation. Membership dues and donations support the Club.

Statement of Purpose

The Alano Club of the Eastside is a non-profit corporation established for the primary purpose of providing social opportunities and a social setting for recovering (non-drinking) alcoholics and their families. The club is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous or any related program; however, the Club and its members share a commitment to the principles of A.A. and may choose to cooperate with A.A. by extending certain invitations to A.A. members, including use of facilities for A.A. meetings, and meetings of other programs related to alcoholism.

These terms were not dictated to the groups. When your group’s founders approached the Club about holding their meetings here, they agreed to mutually beneficial requirements.

The Clubs relationship with A.A. is an arms length autonomous relationship. The Club is not an A.A. group or a member of A.A. Most of our dues paying members are members of A.A. and attend A.A. meetings at the Club and other meetings in the area. We extend complementary membership to Eastside Intergroup, and other groups. The Club does not donate any monies to A.A., Eastside Intergroup, Area, District or General Services. Please do not assume that by donating to the Club that you are donating monies to any of these service groups. The responsibility of supporting the Alcoholics Anonymous infrastructure belongs to the A.A. groups.

The Club’s contribution to the community is to provide, at no charge, a place for someone that wants to get sober to come attend a meeting and enjoy some fellowship. We allow non-members to visit our property, use our restaurant and attend meetings here without becoming a member of the Club. We encourage and invite all persons to join the Club after a reasonable amount of sobriety. It is not a requirement to be a member to visit our Club or attend meetings here. The Club at no charge allows service groups to use our meeting rooms as a service to our community.

Our relationship with you and your groups is that of a landlord/tenant. The Club allows you the use of our meeting rooms in exchange for a donation. That donation is calculated in the following manner: ½ of the 7th tradition collected is donated to the Club, with a minimum donation of $5.00 per meeting. The remaining ½ is used to pay for the group’s expenses.

One of these expenses is the coffee or water we sell you. As part of our agreement with your group, the Club is the exclusive supplier of any beverage served on our property. The price of the coffee and water also includes your cups, stir sticks, creamer, sugar and cleaning supplies.

We require that groups pay for their coffee and make their donation at the time of their meeting. The only exception to this is the special arrangement made with the 10 PM meetings and that exception is that they pay for coffee prior to their meeting and deposit the rent according to agreement because the Club is closed during their meetings.

It is our hope that this letter helps explain The Eastside Alano Club’s relationship with your group, A.A. and the community. If you have any questions regarding this letter we encourage you to chat with a board member and to attend the monthly board meeting held on the second Tuesday of each month.