So you volunteered to be the treasurer for your Alano Club group but you are not sure what that means. We’ve all learned from someone else and we would like to help you.

  1. Obtain the combination for the red box from the previous treasurer of your group.
  2. Remove your meetings prudent reserve money from the red box a minimum of every 2 weeks. The red box is a courtesy that the Alano Club provides. It is each meeting’s responsibility to ensure the security of the box. (Read more about the Relationship between the Club and AA).
  3. Your group may have a bank account where the money is deposited until distribution or some other method. Your group may agree that each time the amount totals $100, for instance, a distribution will be made.
  4. Your group decides on how the money will be distributed. Eastside Intergroup has specific details including addresses and explanations on standard distribution that most groups follow.
  5. Groups normally have monthly business meeting where you provide a treasurer’s report, how much collected, how much distributed and who was the recipient, current prudent reserve and so on. Giving a treasurer’s report and as a member, asking for one, during the business meeting is a service to your group.

We have also learned that it is best practice to have 2 or 3 signers on a group’s bank account.

Contact the Club with any questions.